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Dog Days of Summer: How To Keep Pets Cool And Healthy

In fact, vehicles can reach temperatures that either put pets in serious harm or could cause death - even on a day that doesn't seem hot to you.


Volunteers learn to set up pet shelters during disasters

KITV Honolulu

She feels it's her duty to comfort pets and families in need. "People ... For safety and sanitation reasons, pets need to stay in separate shelters.


Hot days dangerous for pets left in cars

WCSH-TV According to the ASPCA and Bangor Humane Society, hot days can have a big impact on our pets' health. Pets don't sweat like humans, which ...


Outpouring of Support for Shelter Animals Stuck in Texas Floods

ABC News- When the Town Lake Animal Shelter in Austin and partner nonprofit Austin Pets Alive! had to evacuate nearly 60 dogs to the Austin Animal ...


Texas Flood: Lost Pets Need Your Help To Find Their Humans

Headlines & Global News

The Austin Animal Center, which is already over capacity, keeps being brought more pets every day but they were forced to close their doors, ..


Lawmakers pass bill that penalizes leaving pets outside in extreme ...

Chicago Tribune-

Leaving the family pet outside in extremely hot or cold weather could result in up to a year in jail and a hefty fine under a measure House


What Pet Insurance Covers


You love your pet, but if it were to get seriously ill or injured, you probably haven't saved the money to pay for its care. Sure, an emergency fund ...


Senators call for FDA to get tougher on pet-food oversight

The Seattle Times- The letter cites legislation that Congress passed in 2007 in response to thousands of dogs and cats dying from "tainted pet food." The FDA ...


Two shelter cats run for elected office to highlight local pet issues is Trap Neuter Return and spay/neuter; Wonky's platform is for special needs pets and a new shelter location with the San Antonio.


Respect Your Cat Day


Secrets of the Westminster Dog Show

Washington Post-

For my money, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the World Series of Poker are America's top two sporting events, the only ...


Officials predict renewed debate about Collierville dog parks

Memphis Commercial

He and Harley are now regulars at the off-leash dog park in ... Three years ago, an often-contentious debate about dog parks resulted in Suggs ...


Big Data Goes to the Dogs

Bloomberg View-

I'm fascinated by this graphic on dogs in Slate, which divides dog breeds into four categories: "rightly ignored," "inexplicably overrated," ...


Are Dogs or Cats Better as Emotional Therapy? Science Doesn't ... Usually, though, it's dogs, in all their big-eyed, slobbery, brainlessly faithful glory, that are more commonly linked to therapies for PTSD and ...



Our Thoughts About Dog Sitting

First off, we do not mean when a dog sits. When we say dog sitting, we are talking about having...


A Dog In A Shelter For Ten Years Get A Happy Ending

Before I tell you anything about this story, I just want to start this out by saying adopt a dog....


Spring is Puppy Season!

Yay, Spring is here!  And you know what Spring is, right? It is puppy season! Not officially, mind you, but...


How to include pets in your estate plan

San Antonio Express-

The continued care of your beloved dog, cat or other companion animal is ... funds, and provide resources so your pets' caretaker can buy supplies and pay the vet. ... practicing estate planning and probate law in San Antonio


Hints From Heloise: Right on the buttons?

Washington Post-

You said that according to the Americans With Disabilities Act, store personnel ... And if asked if her dog is a service dog, showing the card definitely would make ... Send a hint to Heloise, P.O. Box 795000, San Antonio, Tex


Cold weather tips to keep your pet safe


First, limit your pet's time outdoors, and keep them inside more. ... Also increase their food supply if they do a lot of activity outside, especially...


Google Maps Helps Rescue A Stray Dog from Potential Disaster

Remy Carreiro January 28, 2014 

Technology seems like it is very much taking over the world. No one is quite at the forefront of this more than Google. Well, you hear a lot about Google, but have you heard


Taking Your Puppy to the Veterinarian

Nat January 28, 2014 When you welcome a puppy into your home it opens a number of new doors.  First of all it brings a whole lot of love into your household.  Second of all, more kisses and


No answers: Jerky treats back in stores as pet mystery lingers by JoNel Aleccia NBC News:

Waggin' Train and Milo's Kitchen pet jerky treats soon will be back in stock at pet stores nationwide. Government officials still warn that the treats are not necessary for a balanced diet in pets...


The US Coast Guard Adopts a Shelter Dog Into their Ranks  by Jillian at Tails:

US Coast Guard members at the Indiana River Coast Guard base in Delaware have opened their hearts (and their home) to their newly adopted.


Spirit of '76 Campaign by Laura Drucker:

Spirit of '76 is a social media challenge grant to pair up to 76 service dogs with military vets in need. The campaign was put forth.


Pet health crisis: Americans skimp on preventive care

USA TODAY- There's an American health crisis that doesn't have anything to do with federal health care websites, rising deductibles or doctor shortages.


More Americans Are Writing Their Pets Into Their Wills

Leaving Thousands of Dollars for the Care of Animals - Wall Street Journal


Winter weather holds many dangers for pets

Protect against cold, frozen drinking water and other hazards - Judy Hamilton


'Cat Sense' Explains What They're Really Thinking New York Times

Cat owners speak to their cats, attribute many complex emotions to them and chide them when they bring small dead rodents into the house. People ...


Toddlers prefer dogs to cats, study finds, as authors say feline ... National Post

Reporting in the journal Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin, scholars find children have a preference for cats with adorable, infantile features, versus ...


Cats stowaway on five-hour highway ride

Barb Soward, of Hebron, said she was shocked the next day when she went into her garage and found two cats -- two cats that belong to her ...


74% of Dog Owners Purchase Premium Pet Food

Despite the tough economic climate, dog owners are still prepared to spend out on their pets and ensure that their health is in good check by ...


'Decoding Your Dog' may help you befriend 'best friend' USA TODAY

When it comes to animal behavior, everyone is a self-professed expert. "You must be the 'alpha dog' in your house, showing your dog who's boss," is ...


Fifteen Awesome and Adorable Videos of Talking Dogs

Remy Carreiro

Scientifically speaking, when it sounds like dogs are talking, they are just doing their best to impersonate and mimic us. But even when they do, they have no idea what they are saying.


Top Eleven Weirdest Dog Laws in the United States

Remy Carreiro

I think we sometimes take our freedom for granted when it comes to our dogs. We can walk them almost anywhere. We can play games with them whenever we like. In some cases, we


Twelve Amazing Dogs Saving Humans Rescue Stories

Remy Carreiro

I think it is easy to forget about just how much dogs benefit our lives. Not only do they give us love and loyalty, but sometimes, with some dogs, they are willing to risk...


Think you Know when Your Dog is Happy?


A new study finds that dogs respond differently to the direction of a tail wag. University of Trento professor of Neuroscience and Director of the Animal Cognition and Neuroscience Lab Giorgio Vallortigara discusses his...


Have People Mistaken Your Pets for Your Children?

PARADE- For many of us, pets are part of the family. Some of us even refer to our pets as our children. To outsiders, this can cause some confusion.


How to holiday-proof your pets

Fox News - Tinsel, chocolate, and holly are all festive signs of the holidays -- but all can hurt your pets. Veterinarians see many sick pets this time of year ..


Cold Noses: Pets of the Week

Florida Times - Union (blog) - Cold Noses, the Times-Union's pet blog, features pets available for adoption at local government-run shelters. For more pet news, go to ..

Start with the owners: ACS receives $50000 to keep stray pets off ...

KENS 5 TV- SAN ANTONIO -- The fight to bring down the stray-pet population in San Antonio received some help from the Humane Society of the United ...


Pot and Pets: Should Dogs Get High? Marc Lallanilla - Miles, a 12-year-old Labrador retriever mix, was slowly dying of cancer. His owner, after seeing the effect that narcotic painkillers such as ...


First dog Sunny Obama knocks over girl at WH


Holiday pet photos: A challenging treasure



Revolution Is For the Dogs

PR Newswire (press release)

Austin, TX September 22, 2013--The Dog Ring allows people to easily and quickly secure their dog around trees, posts, and poles in seconds.